Privacy Policy

We know that how much a private data important. We always believe in to not break this rule also. Here we are not caching any of your personal data.

This Website name is only created to give you background png and wallpapers too. This website is purely contains the background png that is belongs to Free to use.

About Backgroundspng?

On this website, You are going to find free background png which is easy to use free. So We don’t mean to hurt anyone else privacy policy.

Also going to giving the credit if it is happen in the future. also going to give you the information about those backgrounds too. Like For what is used for? Why to use? Where do we get and much more.

From Where we collect data?

We have the different-different sources to collect the data. Lots of Free to use background website offer us the background also some of the best background clicked by us our team too.

Some nature background which clicked by our team so we are not using anyone else wallpapers and background that infringing the policy.

Purpose to make this kind of content?

Actually lots of peoples facing still the problems to getting the exact background png or text png when they do edit their pictures in mobile application or desktop too. So we are just try to fulfil this requirement by giving the full of background png and much more.

It is just a small effort that taken by us only through the website. We also bring the Mobile application in the future if peoples like the backgrounds too. We are really want to give this to them because they want to download the background for wallpapers and editing background too.

If you have still any doubt about us then you can read more About us here. Learn More About us Backgrounds png